Official Yearbook of the University of Illinois

Illinois has a yearbook? Yes, we sure do. Illio yearbook at the University of Illinois has been around since 1894 — which would make it older than your grandparents. Illio is produced by an all student staff and is distributed each summer. Each 300+ page book is jam-packed with memories from life at the University during that school year.

Illio is an award-winning publication. And we have been bringing home some pretty prestigious awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press to prove it. It all started four score and seven years ago…. (oops, wrong speech.) Anyway, in 2005 the Illio started its kick to awesomeness by winning the prestigious Gold Crown Award, which distinguished it as one of the top four yearbooks in the country. But Illio didn’t just stop there. The yearbook has been carrying on the award-winning attitude and tradition for Illini Media ever since. The 2006 and 2007 Illio Yearbooks were recognized as Silver Crown Award books, for example. We’ve lost track since then.

Anyone who has had a MySpace page can tell you, things on the internet may not last forever.  But do you know what does?  Your college yearbook. When you think about school memories, you think about yearbooks.  That is just what the Illio is — a keepsake documenting your time at Illinois. You’ll be glad you got your Illio.