Past Illios

Q: I’m looking for a copy of an old Illio Yearbook, is any year available?
A: We have limited quantities of previous Illios available for sale. Prices vary based on the age of the book and how many copies we have. Books from 2007 through 2016 are available for purchase, and scattered copies from earlier years are available on a very limited basis. Please contact Kit Donahue, or (217) 337-8323, to see if the Illio yearbook you are looking for is available.

Q: I have an old Illio. Can I donate it?
A: We are always looking for copies of previous Illio to make our set complete. If you have come across Illios, perhaps from a parent or relative, that you no longer want, we will gratefully take them off of your hands and add them to our permanent archives. Donated books can be sent to Illio Yearbook, attn: Kit Donahue, 512 East Green Street, Champaign, IL 61820. All donations are tax-deducible.